out of body

My Personal Experiences

 OOB definition

In the following short documents, i mention OOB which stands for Out Of Body expirences where my mind seems to be in my spirit and i leave my body.

My first Out Of Body expirence

This is something i have remembered since i was a baby in a crib. It was so intense and stuck in my mind since then.

 I was a baby, and while laying there, i sat up and everything was foggy blue looking, i started crying but no noise was coming out of my mouth. i was crying so hard my head was down by my knees. then all of a sudden i was on my back, and heard myself crying out loud and my mother came in and picked me up. that is all i remember.

My second OOB expirence

I was in my bedroom sleeping when i felt myself sit up and then stand by my window. My eyes where burning and it was hard to see, but everything in the room was a misty and blury blue color. I felt my body jump and i woke up.

My third OOB expirence

when i was in my early 20's, i went on a company picnic with my mothers company out in Lake Tullic. I drove my mini truck and was parked with everyone else on a little strip of land that went out into the lake. i was parked backed up to the water and layed down in the bed of the truck facing the water. I was very confortable staring at the stars falling asleep.

 All of a sudden i felt myself rise up very fast about 20 feet over the water where i felt i was dangling over the water swinging my feet as i looked below me and only saw water. i was in sort of a panic mode wondering where i was, then i turned around and saw myself laying in the back of my mini truck 20 feet away. My heart almost jumped out of me, i felt this Jolt and i was back in the back of my truck looking at the stars. I never told anyone there what just happened to me because they would think i was crazy or was just dreaming.

Pulled into someones OOB

I dont remember how old i was, somewhere in my early 20's , I used to be a CB guy. it was very fun meeting new people from all over. I was living in Fremont Ca. and i met a guy named Lared from Haywayd Ca. I ended up hanging out with him admiring his CB equipment. once we got to know eachother, he started talking about Out Of Body Traveling or OOB for short.

he had 12 handbooks that he loaned me and told me to start from the first one and practace daily. i tried, kinda skipped around getting an idea what it was all about. I told him about my feeling like i came out a couple times but everything was blury and a blueish blury shade. he told me to keep practicing cause it could be dangeras if you do it wrong.

 The book said that everyones soul rises just a little bit from your body when you sleep but stays just inches above your body. It also says that when you do master coming out of your lower self (body) you have to create what they call a Watcher. where once out, you push energy from you stomach and create a light being next to your body. This energy being will stand guard next to your lower self to make sure any dark souls try to get into your body while your soul is traveling around.

 I tried a couple times, but was a little scared and thats probably what made it harder to focus on and master.

 one evening i fell asleep and had this weird (dream) i thought. I was on a roof holding an antenna and it seemed like i was in a storm but could not feel any wind. i looked down in the back yard of this house and saw two blury lights that looked like they where chacing eachother around the yard. then i woke up thinking that was the weirdest dream.

 i called my friend lared and said, dude, i had the weirdest  dream, he said ME TOO. i said, i was on this roof holding an antenna and..... then lared screamed NO WAY !!! and he hung up. he sounded scared. i called him back up and said, why did you hag up ? his voice was shaking and said in his out of body travel, he was being chaced by a bad spirit around his back yard and looked up on his roof and saw somebody standing there holding his CB antenna. at that point i thought we where both about to throw up we where so nervice. we didnt talk for a couple days, then he called me up and said he went to a spiritual lady to tell her what happend. she said your friends name starts with J ? he said Yes. then she went on to explain that he unknowingly pulled me into his OOB to help protect him from this bad spirit that was trying to absorb his spirit.

 It still freaking me out talking about this because it was REAL and we both witnessed it.


after death

When my brother died

 I never really new my older brother, the last time i seen him was when i was 5 years old, i still can't remember it, but my mother show me a picture of him holding me. apperently he was doing drugs and was in prison for most his life and it was probably better that he wasnt in my life.

in the year 2001 i was living with my mother and her husband in a very large one story house in the hills of Fremont CA. the living room was designed for the phil harmonics orchestra that play up there for years. needless to say, the livingroom was very large and long.

It was around 1:30am when i was in the livingroom on the couch watching TV and a flash of light cought my eye by the huge back windows. it flowed like a car headlight but it could not have been that because we the house is way up high on a mountain by itself with no other houses on the hill, and the street was 1/4 mile down at the bottom of the hill.

As soon as i looked towards the light, and saw a ball of light about the size of a basket ball that seemed to be dripping light like a liquid, within a millisecond it flew down the hallway towards where my mother and step father where sleeping. I didn't know what i just saw, it was so fast and i just shook my head and was replaying it in my mind for the rest of the night. i went to sleep, and when i woke up in the morning, my mother told me the sheriff department just called and said my brother mike just overdosed on pain killers and alcohol the night before.

the only thing i can come up with is that i saw his spirit come visit us and he never knew where we lived and haven't talk to us for over 40 years.

When my mother died

I was living at the same house up on the hill and my mother passed from melanoma cancer. i was devastated and grabbed her face and screemed MOM MOM MOM, i was crying so hard and walked out of the room to the back yard and was walking circles around the swimming pool screeming MOM MOM MOM. the i move out towards the driveway using the backyard door to the garage and then to the driveway. the garage door was open and from the driveway i could see the door to the backyard. once again i was walking around screeming MOM MOM MOM when something cought my eye in the doorway to the backyard. It was my mom looking like she was 30 years old with this almost dissapointed or sad look on her face looking at me. this last for only maybe 1 second and she was gone. it made me stop crying and i got a feeling of warmth in my body knowing that she was not perminatly gone, but moving on. I was happy she showed herself to me. it was a true calming feeling.

Ghost Cat

 I was outside walking a sidewalk with an old friend that has parkensons and scoliosis and it it hard for him to not be flailing his arms around, but he is a good friend even being much older than me. we where walking and talking when i looked at the traffic going by next to us with a median between the lanes going north and south. it was dark out but something cought my eye, i seen this very white cat jump up on the median between the two lanes of traffic, it was so white, almost glowing. I thought the car lights where shining on it as they went by, but when cars didn't pass by, it was still very luminous like a light bulb.I watched it walk up to this little bush and smell it, i told my friend kent " look at that cat " as we where watching it, it walked around the backside of the bush and came out the other side, turned around and smelled that side of the bush, we were both staring at it intensly when it turn away from the bush, took two or three steps away, and disappeared right in front of our eyes. kent walked right out in front of traffic not even looking at the cars comming and headed straight for the median and walked up to the bush and circles around it looking for this cat, but it was gone. we where both shaking our heads and didnt talk much, we just couldn't figure out what just happend. even weeks after we saw that, when i would say "kent, you remember that glowing cat?" and he would say "yeah" and that ended the conversation. very hard to talk about when you both see something like that, that just can't be explainded.