Ancient Greece

 Ancient Greece is the most influential civilizations in the world. They  created everything what we believe in today and what we do today.
Language, typography, philosophy, architecture, history, science, geography to astronomy, art, beauty and much more.

53.000 words in this world is Greek of origin. And Greeks invented so many things most people don't even know.

-53.000  words in the world is Greek of origin. (Greek language today is the  richest in the world with over 800.000 words. The number 2 in the world  has only 250.000)
-The musical notation system that we use everywhere in the world
-Typography (line length, leading, tracking, point size, typefaces
-Epic poetry
-The science of philosophy
-Development of Mathematics
-Automatic doors
-Diving bells
-First alphabet with vowels
-Hippocratic Oath
-Science of history
-Science of Anthropology
-Coined money
-The Olympic

Greece is the founder of Western  civilization and also the most influential one, they invented so many  things its impossible to write them in a paragraph. Romans copied  everything from the Greeks the Romans were deeply enamoured with Greek  culture they regarded Greece as the mother of all knowledge, they  adopted their religion, architecture, philosophies even the rich  aristocrats hired Greek teachers for their kids+56

A lot of Ancient Greek influence can be  found all over the world. Democracy started in Greece, Theatre was  created there and trade played a big part during that time period, which  influenced our trading strategies.+51

Very deserving of the first place spot.  Perhaps one of the most fascinating and beautiful civilizations to  exist. By the way, please visit Greece at least once in your life.  Easily my favourite place in the world.

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Ancient Egypt

Additional Information

 Dude, Egypt should be number ONE! They've just provided so much to the world. Lemme see where I can start and end.
First  centralized civilization, luggages, boomerangs, oldest topographical  map, writing, paper, pen, black ink, different colored inks, Egyptian  blue, World's first Alchemist, nilometer, shaduf, irrigation, dams and  reservoirs, the alphabet, padlock, toothpaste, oldest surgical  instruments, glass making, ramp, lever, pulleys, prosthetics, breath  mints, braces, first plastic surgery, Automatic moving statues, water  wheels, noria, mathematixs(deserves it own wiki, an example is story  problems and geometry), astronomy( deserves its wiki), oldest known  door, oldest clothing, world's first clocks, world's first police, first  ship. Even in military, the Egyptians contributed in a very important  sector which is the navy and first warships. First philosopher, naming  the organs of the body both external and internal, ox drawn plow,  world's first condoms, world's first ...more+3

Ancient Egypt deserve number one spot.  Recent studies have shown they have the oldest known port in the world.  On top of that people forget how Rome and Greece were influenced by  Egypt. Pythagoras studied in Egypt for 22 years. Plato also studied in  Egypt. Ancient Egypt was the first centralised civilisation. The  pyramids are a testimony of their engineering skills. The oldest medical  school is from Ancient Egypt. In law, it was the ancient Egyptians who  invented Wills to be read by lawyers upon the demise of an individual,  divorce proceedings, marriage contract, estate or land property rights  and the Police. The oldest topographical map is from Ancient Egypt. In  science, the ancient Egyptians used the system of aerodynamics to invent  world's first ship and sails. Recent archaeology has a questioning  remark as to if they sailed to Australia since hieroglyphs were  discovered there.
They invented geometry, decimal system and other topics in maths. They were able to create our modern ...more+2

Simply the best ancient civilization.
For the pyramids only Egyptian civilization will forever be known as the pinnacle the ancient peoples' achievement.+68

I'm sorry, they just invented  virtually everything from office utensils to cosmetics. Egypt was the  first to have a centralized government, ink, papyrus paper, pens,  make-up, writing, surgery, neuroscience, astronomy, sails, condoms, and  much, much, much more! We would be nowhere without the Egyptians. That  is why they are the greatest civilization to ever exist. Greece would be  nothing. Rome would be nothing. Britain, U.S.A., Russia, etc... would  not exist. If Egypt never rose, we may have been in a dark age in 2019.

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Ancient Rome

Additional Information

 The roots of Western  Civilization developed from histories longest lived civilization  (500BC-1493AD). The decline and fall of the western part of the empire  in 476AD, and the 1000 year chaos which followed (i.E. the dark ages)  exemplify the importance of this once great empire. The Romans adapted  foreign customs, ideas and people into their own. The were the first  republic, and model for every republic to follow. With Rome lay the  roots of western language, government, architecture and religion.

The  history of modern nations such as the United States, mirrors Rome to a  "T". Rome was founded as a result of resistance to the opposition and  tyranny of their Etruscan overlords. The Roman's in founding their new  nation swore never again to have a king. The government they established  for their fledgling nation was named SPQR (latin translation: The  Senate of the People for the People of Rome) was to serve that purpose.  Sound familiar?

Ultimately national security ...more+26

The Romans were way ahead of their time.  While most citizens of the world were out and about living in huts and  eating wild animals and stuff, the city of Rome was already dealing with  building height regulations (buildings had to be limited to 6 floors),  traffic jams, and problems with indoor plumbing. Instead of a feudalist  like society found anywhere else in the world, where you would die in  the same status you were born in, you could be a simple soldier in Rome  and become a Senator, a simple baker and become filthy rich. You could  live in modern day Spain or Egypt or Bulgaria and still be a Roman  citizen. They had an advanced highway system, the likes of which are  comparable to the interstate system, war machines in use even 1,000  years after Rome, and after the fall of Rome Europe couldn't recover for  another millennia. The effects of this civilization are felt today all  over the Western World. - JustAnAccount 

Rome: 753BC-509BC: kingdom, 509-27BC:  republic, 27BC-395AD: united empire, 395-480AD: western roman empire,  395-1453: Eastern roman empire.

Let's not forget the Pax Romana, a  200 year golden age of Europe (27BC-180AD), where the roman empire  brought peace on a never seen before scale to the world. During this  time, justice and law was brought to Europe. Almost all of the provinces  never experienced war, except for Britain, Judea and Syria. And even  then, Romans quickly brought things back under control. They also  expanded the known world, trading with the Irish, all the way to the  Chinese.

Not only that, but women in the empire also had a new  power. They were able to own businesses, lead shipping companies, and  pretty much everything else but the military and politics, (and even  then several wormed their way into them.) we even have a few records of  female surgeons!

The roman empire brought technology to a new levels. They had aqueducts dozens of kilometers long, ...more+3

Rome was the greatest  civilization of all time; Rome greatly increased technological levels in  Europe and made European empires possible. Art flourished, Rome nearly  united the known world, and we still feel the influence of Roman  Christianity today. Heck, Rome CONQUERED Greece and Egypt. 'enough said.

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Ancient India

Additional Information

 World's oldest university takshashila (700 bce) was in india

Will  Durant, American historian: "India was the motherland of our race, and  Sanskrit the mother of Europe's languages: she was the mother of our  philosophy; mother, through the Arabs, of much of our mathematics;  mother, through the Buddha, of the ideals embodied in Christianity;  mother, through the village community, of self-government and democracy.  Mother India is in many ways the mother of us all".

Mark Twain,  American author: "India is, the cradle of the human race, the birthplace  of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and  the great grand mother of tradition. Our most valuable and most  instructive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India  only."

Albert Einstein, American scientist: "We owe a lot to the  Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile  scientific discovery could have been made."

Max ...more+103

Ancient india must be the first because  world's first planned cities were built in india (mohenjadaro and  harappa), world's first sanitation system is found in india(3000  because). World's first dockyard is found in india(3000 bce, whereas  trignometry (modern sine and cosine were stated by aryabhata nearly  before 1500 years and he formulated the world's first sine table ),  algebra (al khwarismi whop is credited for inventing modern algebra  himself has stated it is the work of arjehir-aryabhat in arabic, many  india books were translated to arabic since greece was in dark age  during this period)), numeral system(ancient indians developed it and  aryabhata perfected it),0(0 existed before millenias in india pingala  stated the binary system with 0 but aryabhata and bhramagupta completed  the work on 0), binary system(pingala), astronomical models(aryabhata,  bhramagupta, bhaskaracharya all stated several helio centric models,  nilakantha somayaji formulated tycho brahe model nearly 3 ...more+108

World's oldest dam was built in India.. By  our ancient engineers.. It's name is Kallanai.. India was much better  before Britishers.. Even+133

It used to be one of the richest civilizations in the world

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Ancient China

Additional Information

 The ancient Chinese were ahead in the game  in virtually all aspects of civilization. They were one of the only  prominent civilizations in ancient history that elected government  officials through merit instead of wealth/family background.

It  is essentially the only ancient empire that still survives in its near  full prominence and cultural diaspora that influenced and stimulated the  culture of the largest/most populous continent on the planet. No other  empire has survived the test of time besides China because their 1.4  billion people truly believe they are one culture and ethnic group which  took thousands of years of integrations to achieve (the English have  been trying to convince the Irish and Scottish people that they are one  culture for a thousand years and still have not accomplished it). For  most of ancient and modern history, around 1/4 to 1/2 of the human  population lived and died in the Chinese Empire. While in modern times,  high birth rates/high populations might ...more+72

They were ahead of the europeans in  astronomy and science, invented paper, gunpowder, seismograph, printing,  silk and many other things. They had lots of infrastructure, the  forbidden city looked so grand. They developed caligraphy, painting,  literature, was advanced in metallurgy and pottery. They left the best  pottery that the word china also means pottery. They also invented  chopsticks and make their language written words look like pictures.+39

Although China was lagging behind of Europe  and America in a few of recent centuries, China was far ahead of other  civilizations in term of science, economy and social management. They  invested the paper and languages to record the history, the silk for  covering our bodies, china and chop-stickers to eat our meals properly,  and cultivate so many of plants to feed our human, and hundreds of  inventions, most important, they gave their knowledge free to the rest  of world. 

Ancient China has a big influence on the  modern world. They had writing systems, agriculture and empires. Many  historical sights are in China. They invented paper, printing,  gunpowder, and the compass. They also discovered fire. Much of what is  today has to do with Ancient China. Many places, things, and even  buildings are related to the Ancient Chinese.

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Additional Information

 Persians started the worlds first largest  empire which was founded by morals. Persian kings did not believe in  slavery and created the first declaration of human rights. They  contributed so much to our world by creating the worlds first gardens,  inventing wine, alcohol for medical use, and was the main influence for  mediterranean food. They invented the kabob, birthday parties, the first  monotheistic religion, the first feasts, domestication of horses,  backgammon, their architectural influences spread to Europe, and etc.  They have a history that dates back to almost 9, 000 years!+93

The word Persia itself invokes the ancient  world. In terms of their contribution to civilization, their ancient  civilization contributed more to humanity than any ancient civilization,  including human rights, law, travel, culture, architecture,  governmental system, commerce, art and music.+95

The concept of loving the motherland in a  multiracial country was started in Persia. Persian ancient patriot myths  are outstanding. People from different ethnic groups who get together  and scarify themselves for each other are seen in Persian stories. But  regardless of these things, Persian poetry is outstanding. Just do some  research about it...+42

Persia is an important part of history, this  civilization is one of the main reasons were as evolved in human rights  and equality as we are. History isn't just the countries still  existing, its about who and what has impacted our past and researching  and acknowledging it. I can't believe more people voted for GEORGIA!  they were probably just looking that it was American and that it made a  lot of money, but what about culture, tradition and impact.Persia has  made the human race better and if you just look around you, you can  obviously just see its effect on us, without places like that we would  be heartless caveman, do you really want that, GEORGIA (i don't like  Georgia as you can tell).

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The Spartans

Additional Information

 Small yet mighty, no warriors in history  ever did or ever will outmatch the men of Sparta. Having trained since  the age of seven, their military career ended either when they reached  an old enough age that they could not fight too well (most likely their  mid-sixties), or it simply ended when they died. In their daily lives,  they took up no other work except being soldiers everything they did was  geared towards warfare, even the music they listened too. They trained  every day from when the sun rose in the East to when it set in the West,  and the training was the harshest known to man to this day from he  youngest of ages, the boys were beaten near to death, flogged to test  endurance and in most cases were killed during training. Once training  was complete (after some 15 years of none-stop surviving) only then  would they be given citizenship. And then there's the legacy of Leonidas  and the 300 at Thermopylae which has become legend, an almost  unbelievable story of courage, duty and ...more+7

This world was forged upon warfare, and who  else to better represent the title "Best Ancient Civilization" than the  greatest ancient military minded civilization? SPARTA+18

This is the most awesome civilization ever!  Constantly striving for military excellence and their women enjoyed  some of the best rights of any ancient civilization as well! I wish I  could have seen what it was like!+14

Sparta is Greece but this is like a tribe and they were amazing they also had the greatest greek hero ever achilles+12


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Aztec Empire

Additional Information

The Aztecs had some of the best ancient technology in the world!new

The Aztec empire had are among some of the  most advanced native american civilizations they were particularly good  in the fields of Architecture and Agriculture. Their capital city,  Tenochtitlan, Had a population of approximately 200,000 and was much  cleaner and healthier than most European cities of the time, also they  didn't have rivers of feces running through their streets like that of  London+24

This is my favorite empire they are sooo interesting 

European disease practically wiped out all  the grandeur of this highly civilized society which had not reached its  peak when the Spaniard invaders destroyed it. Many criticize it for its  practice of human sacrifice but the truth is most countries in Europe  were killing more of their own people on a statistical level.  Tenochtitlan was an enormous city that stunned the Europeans when they  first saw it. It had public schools, universities, hospitals, a high  level of social structure, education was free, it was bigger than any  European city of its time. It was filled with botanical gardens none  existing in Europe. Streets were clean unlike European cities with ankle  deep sewage. Aztec poetry and philosophy was even more abundant than  the better know Greek productions. It is also a myth that it was  European superior technology that defeated the Mexica Empire. It was  disease. 95 percent of the 80 million natives people of the Americas  were wiped out in a few years after the arrival of the ...more 

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Inca Empire

Additional Information

 Often overlooked, as most of the empire was  consumed by the jungle (which is a wonder, how did they cultivate and  build in the harshest jungles in the world in the first place? ). We  still have much to learn from them. - JustAnAccount 

A culturally rich empire because assimilated  many cultures, their socioeconomically and political system was very  developed making the Inca empire very organize for their time. In times  where in other parts of world suffered from starvation, the Incas had  food reserves for the bad times making their population virtually  impervious to hunger or famine. They had a tax system called the "mita"  which was a labor tax system. The Inca empire covered a very large  geographical area, in fact the largest in the Americas and included  countries such Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina.  They had a very develop system of canals and aqueducts that provided  with irrigation and filtered water to their population. They probably  were one of a very few develop ancient civilizations that did not  communicate with writing (because they did not know it) but an  alternative way to store communication called the "Quipus". Their  constructions are (still standing) are out fo this world.+1

Should be higher up! Their roads rival that of Rome's and built many famous cities today, like Machu Picchu.+8

Created bases for community and kindness,  ingenuity and problem solving. These people cared less about wealth  systems and more about their communities.

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The Huns/Mongols

Additional Information

 Although Mongols and Huns are considered by  some to be barbaric without influential cultural artifacts etc. they  should be considered VERY INFLUENTIAL in world history by the fact that  they had huge impact on the forming of nowadays Great Nations (Such as  China, Russia and so on. ) Also if we consider Military to be a  achievement, the military of Mongols and Huns should be considered the  "Tour de force" of Human kind.
And Yes they were mass killers, they threatened the So called Cultured civilizations
But  it was what they did to survive with their land of harsh, the leftover  lands of cold and hot. Seriously People been choosing to live in Hawaii  rather than anchorage.+5

I like Greece. I have been there few years  ago during the Christmas. It was really amazing there. Even though  people were in winter clothes I was walking in only my suits. The air,  the place, just amazing. And I have seen Acropolis. But for me, the  place where it was built was more interesting than the temple itself.  But my points is that they managed to do something that many great  civilizations wanted to do but couldn't. Even though they have bad  reputation but they contributed many things to human history. Also they  left traces of their culture all over Eurasia. So I vote for Mongols and  the Huns.+1

When it comes to size... - JustAnAccount 

Under the rule of Attila the Hun the  Barbarian group called the Huns could quickly sweep through towns in  just a matter of minutes. Attila and the Huns conquered most of Europe  and weakened Rome. Genghis Khan the ruler of the Mongols conquered more  than twice as much land as Rome in only a few decades. Rome on the other  hand took almost 1000 years to conquer only a fraction of the land the  Mongols could.

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Ancient Macedonia

Additional Information

 Ancient Macedonia was not Ancient Greece -  it was hellenistic, or an imitation of Greek culture. Alexander the  Great led the Macedonian empire, and was able to claim the largest  empire in history, spanning from Greece, all the way to India. If  Alexander's soldiers hadn't grown tired of war, and hadn't wanted to go  back to their families, Alexander would probably have been able to  conquer even more. 

Ancient Macedonia was Greek.+29

Macedonia was greek go vote for ancient Greece instead+21

There is no Ancient Macedonia as a  civilization, there is Ancient Greece. Great Alexander was Macedonian  his father Philip the second united all ancient Greek states to one. so  Macedonian and sparta are parts from Greece

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Babylonian Empire

Additional Information

They're cool 

Absolutely most influential. Babylonian  ideals developed our western religions, philosophies, stories, science,  etc. The Greeks were indebted to them, as Alexander noted. 

Thought 360 days per year thus 360 degrees in a circle
plus super ingenuitive
plus awesome walls covered in mosaics 

I learned about Mesopotamia in class and they were very advanced, should be #1  

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Ancient Mayan

Additional Information

 Yes the mayan people was some of the best civilization. They are consider scientists+3

I'm studying this and this civilization is the best+1

I love this civilization+1

Mayans, a civilization wiped out so swiftly  by the savage europeans before they could prove how impressive their  work has been on civil engineering, mathematics, astronomy, agriculture.  Mayans with their great cities and histories were wiped out and it's  achievements, culture and ancient past completely forgotten and  obliterated.

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Ancient Turkey

Additional Information

 Yes Turkey+1

Turks have established 18 empires  throughout their history, have conquered all of the known world, and the  west has had to make up alternative narratives to curtail Turkish  nationalism from reemerging in its greatness and dominating Middle East  and Europe in the 20th century. The most significant legacy in most of  Central Asia, Black Sea and Eastern Europe is of Turkish origin. The  world has never known more powerful and benevolent conquerors than the  Turks, and the Turks will soon rise again in their ferocious glory. 

To conquer other countries, appropriation of  other cultures and history, destruction of other nations can not be  proud of the nation, which claims to be civilized.

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Scandinavia in Viking Times

Additional Information

 Should be number 1. Absolutely amazing and brutal. The most powerful civilization in their

The Norse civilization should be number 1.  The Norse people were Germanic people who settled in Scandinavia they  had to live in one of the hardest places to farm and back then if you  had a poor crop harvest you would starve but they got past that by  raiding and trading with other European settlements to get food. The  Vikings were also very good explorers and sailors being the first  Europeans to discover Greenland and Canada. The Vikings could also  navigate with the using the stars. Also The Viking's civilization never  fell like Greece, Egypt and Times did they just stopped being Vikings  when they were converted into Christians.+5

Vikings led fleets of longships throughout  Europe in a campaign to invade and ransack other civilizations to obtain  there resources. The vikings also discovered America before any other  easterners, but due to lack of resources and personnel, left it and  returned home. People may think of vikings as mindless savages, but in  reality, their civilizations produced an enormous change in technology,  seafaring abilities, and many other advancements.

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Ancient Japan

Additional Information

 Wow so surprised that Japan is so high ranked even more than Korea.
You've  got all your cultures from them don't you? You've got no cultures at  all before Korea brought for you. You had no proper clothes (That's why  Kimono is not even sewed properly), no china... How come you can say you  have "culture"?
All your culture you think that is "Japanese" are actually from China or Korea.
Even Sashimi. Korean started to eat them first. You guys are just good at fudging people.+1

I think ancient japa is one of the most  interesting civilizations, I hesitated between egypt and japan, but  japan is the one that was the most honorable (in my opinion)+1

Not very well known because of its cut-off  trade system, but filled with knowledge, logic, and brilliant ideas.  There were emperors, samurais and geishas. Fantastic paintings and art  were created.+6

Japan should be higher on the list because  it has more to offer. I literally looked up how is Japan the most  influential civilization and this appears and what does Japan get,  NUMBER 9! I think it should at least be in the top 5. So reconsider what  you have done. :T+1


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Umayyad Caliphate

Additional Information

Well the end of the Umayyad caliphate was that they were living like kings instead of religious leaders+4

One of the most great era of Muslims. They  have the great scientist, philosphers, warriors, docters, tecnology of  that time like manginiac. They ruled about aone thousand year at entire  world. 

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Assyrian Empire IPO

Additional Information

 Known to have been one of the first  civilizations to follow Christianity, most technologically advanced with  more than one world wonder in their history+11

I'm learning about the Assyrian Empire in  school. The Assyrians used ziggurats to worship their gods and held  religious ceremonies to make food sacrifices. Note- they did not make  human sacrifices- that's good!+8

They did invent Libraries+2

Very influential civilization, recent archeology shows that the hanging gardens may actually have been Assyrian not Babylonian

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Ancient Atlantis

Additional Information

 Plato told the story of Atlantis around 360 B.C. The founders of Atlantis,  he said, were half god and half human. They created a utopian  civilization and became a great naval power. Their home was made up of  concentric islands separated by wide moats and linked by a canal that  penetrated to the center.

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