Have you ever woken up from a dream that was so vivid and lifelike that  it actually seemed real? It's such a surreal experience that it may make  you wonder: What exactly is a dream, anyway? Scientists have long tried  to figure that out. The basic definition is that dreams are  subconscious imaginings that contain sounds, images, and other  sensations while you sleep.

A very scary dream i had

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  I was outside under a parking lot awning next to a large building at night with 20 to 30 people. The sky's where dark and cloudy. It wasn't cold. All of a sudden I heard what sounded like a whining grinding gear sound above us. I stepped out from under the awning and looked up at the sky. I saw 4 black helicopters flying around two large white orbs going in and out of the clouds. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. All of a sudden I seen smaller crafts flying everywhere like bats all over the sky. The big light of the craft broke from the clouds coming down towards us. I backed up back under the awning with the rest of the people. And without lighting up the buildings near by or the street in front of us, the craft showed up 10 feet from the ground 20 feet in front of us. Nobody was talking or making any sound, just staring at this huge ship that looked like some star wars fighting jet. All of a sudden it started floating upwards to a point where we couldn't see it because of the roof we where under. Everyone was just staring out at the street. The gear whining sound was so loud it took over all sounds around us. All of a sudden a skinny whitish/blueish beam hit the street in front of us making an electrical snapping sound as it hit the concrete slowly moving towards us. I felt a strong pulling feeling on my body like gravity pulling my towards the beam. I turned around a grabbed a pipe the was holding up the roof above us when I noticed almost every body that was with me under that awning was on their backs and stomachs sliding towards the white crackling beam. When they slid out from under the roof they all started floating up in the air towards the craft. Everyone that was with me where now gone as I held on to that poll for my life. I heard the whining  gear sound slow down and the gravity feeling was now less but still slightly pulling on my body.  I let go of the poll and dropped  to my knees and with everything i got, i crawled away from the beam. I saw a doorway 10 feet away. I slowly crawled to it. There was large bolders in this room. It took every ounce of energy i had to pull myself over these bolders with gravity pulling me backwards to hide in the back of this room. I stopped and looked behind me and saw a short being standing there in a sparkling suit that seemed to be changing colors everytime he moved. He had some type of hood on with white shoulder length hair poking out. He had some sort of handheld device he was tapping on. I was so scared I couldn't talk well, and I mumbled..." i just want to learn more about you " and he/it responded to me without words..." then why don't you come with us " his face was not smiling but a  picture in my head of him WAS !

I felt like my body compressed into nothing and i woke up with my heart pounding. I kept thinking of this over and over so i could remember this and write it down as the scariest dream I've ever had. 

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From @ElectroDeeJ on Twitter

So here my short dream. I can remember I‘ve walked in the middle of the night alone on a street. Everything was quiet and calm, a clear sky, no clouds. Suddenly I‘ve a round shaped beam of light shot down to the ground out of nowhere. I was indeed captured in this light and I knew immediately what it was. Then I lifted off the ground and was pulled into the air. The ground below me became tinier and tinier and before I was at the end of this light beam I woke up and it scared the hell out of me. For god’s sake it was just a dream..... or wasn‘t it?

Suddenly a round shaped beam of light.....

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